Hair Services

Hair Color Services CRThe straight-haired girls all want curls…and the brunettes want to be blonde. No complaints here! Sugar Salon and Medical Spa embraces changing your hair color, hair style or both simultaneously. Whether you are looking for the newest trend, light to dark change or something completely different, we have the master color/stylist for you! Not sure what will be best for you? Schedule a consultation with one of our Master Haircolorists today!

Add Length

Whether you are sporting a short, trendy look and are curious about longer, thicker hair, your options are endless with hair extensions. Our master stylists certified in hair extensions will help you add length and volume to your hair, creating the look you have been dreaming of.

Hair Color & Cut

Your hair color help you express your true personality and provides an amazing accessory to any outfit. Sugar Salon has extensive experience in hair color services and we have created the hair color & cut service to help you get the one-stop shopping experience at our salon. Call us today to learn more.

Decolorize & Tone

Remove the color from your hair completely with decolorizing (bleaching) that will soften and raise the cuticle of your hair. Our bleaching agent will enter your hair follicle shaft and disperse the color from your hair. Sugar Salon can also help you identify and harness the tone of your hair, which involves everything from your skin tone to your eye color. Let us help you find the right shade. Make your appointment today!

Full Highlight or Hi-Low Color

Already have a new hair color? Why not take it a step further with full highlights! Maximize your color with beautiful combinations designed to highlight your facial features. Sugar Salon and Medical Spa can also add some low highlights to your hair, creating a color combo that your peers will envy. Stop in to Sugar Salon to find out more about hair coloring and highlights.

Hair Chalking

Not sure which color will be the best fit for you? Get temporary hair color with our hair chalking service. It’s a simple and quick way to get the hair color service you want without having to make that long-term commitment. Contact us to learn more about hair chalking from Sugar Salon.

Ombre Hair Coloring

Get the same look the celebrities take to the red carpet! Our Ombre hair coloring will start with a dark tint at your roots and come through the mid-shaft of your hair before turning to a lighter shade that will continue until it reaches a blonde at the tips. Let us help you find your shade today!

Partial Highlights & Hi-Low

If you’re uncomfortable going with a fully highlighted hair style, try adding highlights to just a portion of your hair. Sugar Salon will give you any partial highlights and low highlights that will allow you to create unique hair styles. Contact us today to find out how we can give you highlights today.

Retouch and Refresh Hair Color

Don’t let your color fade as your roots continue to show your natural hair color. Sugar Salon and Medical Spa can tough up your hair color for a revitalized colored look that will continue to last. Call us today or stop by one of our two locations in Reno to learn more.