“Shannon Gochnour  has moved and I would say it was a great move !!! Had my hair done on her first day at the salon, she’s great and does a great job the salon is very inviting, warm, cute and very friendly welcoming staff!! Make an appointment to have your hair done by Shannon you won’t be disappointed!”

Sue M.

“Today was my first time to the salon and let me tell you I LOVE THIS PLACE!  The location is awesome (parking in the back too), Love the brick house and decor. The staff is so friendly and greeted me as soon as I walked in. I was offered a yummy beverage and was given a tour of the newly renovated space. Then I was happy to see a familiar face when Kaerlig Huff saw me and gave me a big squeeze!  My color is phenomenal and I can’t stop touching it!!! Kaerlig Huff is truly a gifted stylist and I’m lucky to call her my hairapist!”

Kimberly W.

“Today is my first time here and when I walked in I saw a familiar smiling face and was very much welcomed. Regina remembered who I was without me telling her, offered me a fabulous drink, and gave me a tour of the salon. I even met the owner of the salon Allison and she was just as welcoming along with everyone else that’s here.

I honestly felt like I’ve been coming here for as long as Kaerlig Huff has been doing my hair. Which by the way Kaerlig is absolutely amazing and a total rockstar when it comes to doing hair and custom colors. She is totally a Hairapist. So if you’re looking for a new hip place to go to get your hair or nails or waxing done this is the place to come.”

Vanessa C.

“I love this salon! The location is awesome. I was a little worried about parking but they have a nice big parking lot in the back. The salon is a brick house and the decor is beautiful. The layout flows really well. I’ve been going to Kaerlig for years. She’s honestly the best stylist I’ve ever been to. Her passion for hair is amazing to me.

She’s always continuing her education, which I love! She’s spunky and fun and easy to talk to. In fact all of the people there are very friendly. I told Kaerlig I needed eyebrow help and the esthetician (Megan) was over at her station and ready to discuss my options. My favorite part is their wash bowls. They are so comfy! Unlike other salons where the chairs kill your neck and back. Their bowls make you feel as if you’re laying flat. You might fall asleep while they rinse you out! This salon is absolutely awesome!”

Coco F.

“Really great place! FRIENDLY! Affordable! GREAT location.

Rubi does you right! I have been very happy with cuts and they treat you like you matter. I will never go back to the old place. You are just a number there.

Thanks Sugar, for adding a great location and fun staff to midtown.”

Albert L.

“I went to Kaerlig Huff for a color correction. I’ve been coloring my hair black from the box for many many years now. I went in knowing that black is the hardest color to get out and I wasn’t expecting any miracles. Kaerlig far exceeded my expectations!

Kaerlig is amazing. It’s very obvious that she loves what she does. She works with you to figure out what style you’re looking for. And she takes your skin tone, face shape, eye color, and bone structure into consideration when recommending a cut and color. She is so thorough in her consultation. Her priority is to make sure you leave feeling beautiful!

Kaerlig devoted her entire afternoon to me. I went in with horrible boxed black hair and left a blonde! It was a pretty long process (5 hours). My cut looks amazing. My color looks amazing. And the best part? My hair doesn’t feel like it’s been through a bunch of chemical processes. We did it all too. The color remover stuff, bleach, more color. I left the salon feeling awesome. (There’s mojitos too!)

All in all, this was a solid 5 star experience for me. Very competent and friendly staff and stylists. I highly recommend Kaerlig.”

Brooke G.

“I’m so happy Shannon moved to this new salon!  I got the tour and it’s a really lovely place!!  Shannon’s been doing my hair for over three years and she’s the best.  I don’t think I will let anyone else ever do my hair!

I met the owners, Allison and her mom, and they are very nice and I could tell right away Allison is a genuine, down to earth person and I wish her all the luck with the new shop!  I can’t afford a lot in the way of face care so she suggested a small kit of some of the products for eliminating those dark spots we get…I can’t wait to get it. Thanks Allison and thanks Shannon!!  🙂 “

Laurie O.