Tips for Laser Tattoo Removal Safety

It’s Important to Know About Laser Tattoo Removal Safety


Laser tattoo removal is something that anyone who has grown tired of their tattoos can benefit from.  To help you understand the process and what is involved, I have listed some helpful tips that will help you understand laser tattoo removal safety.

  • When you first arrive for your appointment, you will undergo some basic preparation. This will include the placement of protective eye shields over your eyes to protect them from the laser that will be used.  Your skin will also be tested to determine how it will react to the laser.  This also helps the technician determine what the most effective energy level for treatment should be.
  • Once you have undergone the initial preparation for the procedure, you are then ready to begin the procedure. During the course of treatment, you will have a hand piece placed against the surface of your skin.  Once the laser has been activated, you will soon begin to experience the pulse of the laser.  Many people have described this as being similar to having a rubber band snapped against your skin.
  • While it is common for tattoos that are smaller to require fewer sessions, you should be aware that the larger your tattoo is, the more treatments you will need to receive to lighten the tattoo to a point that you are satisfied with.
  • Once your treatment has been completed, you will then receive an ice pack which should be placed on the area that was treated with the laser. You will also receive after care instructions that may include directions on the application of any topical antibiotic creams or ointments.  You will also be instructed to apply sunscreen to the area that was treated to help protect it from the harmful rays of the sun.
  • You should keep in mind that once your procedure has been performed, your skin is at risk of becoming infected. You are also at risk of developing a scar on the skin where the procedure was performed.  If properly treated, you will greatly reduce the risk of infection.

•             Another risk that is associated with tattoo removal is hypopigmentation; this is when the skin that was treated with the laser becomes lighter than the surrounding skin.

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